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These days, trading in the market is done using a Web trading platform. This equipment allows you to "be present" in the market and make transactions. In addition, the Web based trading platform allows, by means of graphical tools, technical analysis. Receive the latest economic news and test trading strategies on history. Finally, with the same Web trading platform you can invest and monitor your investments.

What is a web based trading platform in the UAE?

A good web based trading platform in the UAE has many features. A beginner trader will find it easy to navigate a web based trading platform. A browser based trading platform provides a wide range of features so that a trader can decide which features he wants: a set of different charts for different timeframes. These charting options allow traders to quickly view their trades and make quick decisions. 

A popular feature on the Web trading platform in the UAE is the ability to access and perform multiple functions simultaneously on the screen. For example, such as providing real-time quotes are critical to a successful trading process.

Market analysis on the platform
Market analysis on the platform

With a browser based trading platform in the UAE, you can easily open a trading account with an online broker. An online broker is a company that provides services for clients to access a particular market using the Internet. Generally, online brokers are so-called discounters, organizations through which one can make standard transactions with a minimum of additional individual features and without consulting support. The ease of opening a trading account is often determined by the commission structure of the broker, which charges transaction fees, account maintenance fees and account taxes. 

There are three main parameters to consider when choosing an online broker: the reliability of the company, the terms and conditions and the quality of service. Being properly prepared will be a major factor in getting you off to a good start. Take control of your financial future now!

Criteria that a Web based trading platform in the UAE has:

1. Speed and performance - this is the very first thing an web based trading platform should have. You may have some problems like delayed downloading of quotes, freezing of charts or slow processing of orders. Web trading platform in the UAE have this criterion at high level, and you are unlikely to meet these problems.

2. Convenient and simple interface - it is not very convenient to work with an application, which has a poorly organized layout of the main elements. This slows down the trading process and has a direct impact on the result.  Web trading platforms have a clear interface.

3. Functionality - everyone trades according to his/her own strategy and needs certain functionality to execute it. Someone trades according to the news and needs constant access to online news. Scalpers, who implement one-click trading. Who uses technical analysis, they need access to the set of indicators. And if trading is automated, a browser based trading platform knows how to work with trading robots. And gives you the ability to test these robots on history.

The Web trading platform also includes charting tools such as line graphs, candlestick charts, bar charts and other related charting features. 

Select indicators on the platform
Select indicators on the platform

The ability to easily create your own chart using these tools is the main advantage of using the Web trading platform. It facilitates the creation of winning trades as a trader can quickly analyze data and make decisions based on trends and signals.

4. Mobility - nowadays you can't do without it, many traders download mobile terminal to their mobile phones in order to control their orders.

5. Security - also an important criterion, all trading operations on a web based trading platform will be confidential.

Web trading platform in the UAE has convenient tools for successful trading:

  • A stop-loss, or stop-limit, is a conditional order that allows you to automatically sell an asset at a price below the current market price if it falls to a specified level. Conversely, it can be used to automatically buy an asset at a higher price if that price rises to a specified level.
  • Take Profit - is a pending order (request) to fix profits. Once the price reaches a certain value, this order is triggered and you close your position and take profit. You set the Take Profit size, and you can shift it to any side while holding the position. Take Profit is a limit order (which means it is executed at the exact price you set).

It is important to remember that if you want to trade professionally on the stock market, you should always use STOP LOSS to avoid losing your deposit!

  • Leverage is the ratio of your borrowed funds to your own funds. Traders use leverage because most beginners have small initial deposits. By using leverage, you have the possibility of increasing the profitability of your deposit. In order to do this you will need a strategy which you should stick to when trading. 

You must remember that the bigger the possible profit, the bigger the possible loss! That is why it is not recommended for beginners to use leverage and trade with the whole deposit at once!

Web trading platform is one of the main and most popular trading platforms used by the majority of traders. This browser based trading platform has an intuitive interface, indicators and is equipped with all the necessary functionality for successful trading.

Web based for stock trading

A share is a type of security that is classified as an equity contract. The shareholder effectively becomes the owner of a share in the company and is thus entitled to receive dividends. You should allocate the money for buying the assets in the right way. For example, if you have chosen a moderate risk portfolio, you should allocate your shares so that there are low-, medium- and high-risk assets, but some of the medium-risk assets dominate the portfolio. Once you have identified the stocks, create an order and wait for the price to rise.

Browser based platform for forex trading

The financial market Forex is designed to buy and sell currencies at market rates. It is the largest and most liquid market on the planet. The Forex market is an exchange for speculating with currencies (buy/sell) with the sole purpose of making money on the difference between the buying and selling price (how to make money on exchange rate differences).

Web platform for options trading

An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a specified asset at or before a specified price. In other words, an option is a contract when the subject of bargaining is not the asset itself but the right to put it up for sale or purchase.

There are two main types of options - Call and Put. A Call option gives the option holder the right to buy an asset at a specified price for a specified period of time. A put option gives the option holder the right to sell an asset at a specified price within a specified period of time.

Web based platform for commodities trading

Commodities can be divided into 2 groups:

  • Materials available in and extracted from the natural environment (mineral fuels, ores and other minerals as well as timber);
  • Bulk waste, mainly secondary waste (scrap ferrous and basic non-ferrous metals, waste paper, etc.).

There are also non-resource energy commodities - processed fuels (oil products, coal coke, etc.) and electricity.

The main benefits of investing in commodities are:

  • Portfolio diversification;
  • Constant high demand for commodities, even despite strong price fluctuations;
  • Protection against inflation. The value of real assets tends to increase as the purchasing power of money decreases. Moreover, inflation expectations additionally push up demand;
  • Negative dependence on the US dollar exchange rate. In other words, if the dollar falls, commodity prices often rise.

It is worth remembering that there is inherent risk in every investment and commodity investments are no exception.

Browser based platform for ETF trading

An ETF is a fund that can be traded like a stock. This means they can be bought and sold during the trading day (unlike mutual funds, which are priced at the end of the trading day). ETFs give you the ability to buy and sell a basket of assets without having to buy all of the components individually, and they often have lower fees than other types of funds. Depending on the type, ETFs have different risk levels.

Types of ETFs
Types of ETFs

Web platform for cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency is an electronic means of payment without a physical expression of form. The basic unit of measure is 'coins' or coins. They are used like traditional money, including storage, transfer to third parties, and payment for goods or services. Unlike an electronic wallet, a cryptocurrency is based on a complex cryptographic algorithm. Digital coins are based on an open data transfer protocol. All activities, including issuing new money and processing transactions, are done collectively by network members.

How to start using a web based trading platform in the UAE?

Without a broker, there is no direct access to the exchange for individuals. To enter the market directly, get quotes and start trading, you will need to choose a broker. Then all that remains is to register. You will need to enter all of your basic information  browser based trading platforms in the UAE, or firstly only your name and an email or phone number to which a link will be sent to confirm and continue the process. To start trading on the web platform, you will need to confirm your consent to the processing and storage of your data.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

When the verification is successfully completed, in the personal profile on the Web trading platform in the UAE, you need to select the type of account, which will determine the amount of leverage, minimum deposit, spreads and other. To make deposit to the trading account, choose the appropriate menu item "deposit to the account" and select the desired payment system. Everyone will be able to find the most suitable way for themselves.

To try your hand at trading on the web platform, you can always open a demo account (works just like a real account, except you trade with virtual money). This is a good way to start trading with no money for those who do not have any knowledge at all.

How to open account
How to open account

The easiest way to find out if a Web trading platform is easy to use or not is to test it out before you start live trading. By using a dummy account, you will be able to test the functionality of various features without risking your real money.

A browser based trading platform in the UAE offers all the features you need at an affordable price. You can start earning real money on your trades right now. If you are still not sure which features you need for trading, you can always read about their features on the internet and watch instructional videos. So go ahead and have a successful trade!

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