Ferrari NV is an Italian sports and racing car company based in Maranello. Founded in 1947 by Enzo Ferrari as Scuderia Ferrari, the company sponsored racers and produced racing cars until 1947. In 1947 it began manufacturing sports cars licensed for use on public roads under the brand name "Ferrari S.p.A.". Throughout its history, the company has participated in various races, particularly Formula 1, where it has enjoyed the greatest success. Ferrari's emblem is a galloping horse on a yellow background. The traditional colour of the cars is red, but the company also produces cars in other colours.

The largest shareholder of the company is Exor S.p.A (24% of all shares) and the son of the founder of the company Piero Ferrari (10% of all shares). The remaining 66% is distributed among other participants in the stock market.

Ferrari stock quotes are available on the NYSE under the ticker RACE - ISIN: NL0011585146, CUSIP: N3167Y103, with a par value of 1 euro cent. More than 245.14 million shares of Ferrari have been issued to date.

Ferrari's most popular classics. In 1980 the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso could be bought for $35,000, in 2000 the price of this model in the same layout was just under $200,000 and today auction prices have soared to two million dollars or more. The price of other models, such as the 250 SWB Berlinetta, has risen even more against 1980 levels, almost 150 times.

In recent years, classic cars have been purchased not only by fans, but also by investors. Due to the policies of central banks in Europe and the USA, bank interest rates are low, forcing people to look for other ways to earn a return on their capital. The fact that these investors are interested not only in stocks but also in other investment instruments is partly due to stock market performance and partly to the rise in the price of classic cars. Over a period of more than 35 years, investments in classic cars have outperformed investments in the stock market. Examples are the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (DAX), London (FTSE-100) and New York (Dow Jones). Over the last 35 years, the German DAX stock index has increased from 480 points at the end of 1980 to 10,740 points at the end of 2015, i.e. more than twentyfold, and has almost doubled since 2000.

Ferrari shares
Ferrari shares

How to invest in Ferrari shares in UAE?

You have the opportunity to earn money on stocks in different ways. It all depends on how much your experience and willingness to take risks.

There is a dividend income option, when you invest a certain amount of money in the company and receive a guaranteed, previously agreed amount of income. The amount of such payment is determined by the shareholders' meeting and may have different amounts. Sometimes companies pay up to a third of the net profit to their shareholders. Each company has its own policy of these payments.

Another investment option is long-term investment. Here you need to well predict the growth of the market value of the company's shares and be able to make a profit in the future. This investment option is considered the safest, but not the most profitable, because you will not get a profit quickly. This is a faster investment in the future and it justifies itself only if the investor has a lot of capital.

The third and most popular in the modern world is the option of online trading. The idea of ​​this type of investment is to buy shares at a lower price and sell at a higher price. This type of investment can actually bring instant profits, as the value of stocks can jump up in just a few minutes. However, the value of shares can fall just as quickly, so to invest in this way, the investor must have a good understanding of the stock exchange and constantly monitor changes in the market. Investing online requires the investor to be aware of all the latest changes that may affect the stock price. Factors that affect the share price of a company are changes in the market environment, political and economic processes within the country and globally, man-made situations, the financial condition of the company. 

Therefore, this type of investment, although it may bring instant profits or profits in the near future, is, at the same time, the most risky method. This method of investing requires the investor to constantly "keep an eye on the pulse", so such investing can not be called a variant of passive income.

How to buy Ferrari shares?
How to buy Ferrari shares?

How to buy Ferrari shares in UAE?

Ferrari shares are traded in Milan on the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana, ISE). They have been assigned the RACE ticker. You can buy shares from 09:00 to 17:30 local time (GMT + 02: 00).

The second most important market for Ferrari stock is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The NYSE IPO took place on October 20, 2015. The trading volume on the American floor is inferior to the Milan one, but remains very large. Ferrari shares are traded on the NYSE under their usual ticker symbol RACE and the trading day starts at 9:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm local time (GMT-04: 00).

To be able to invest in Ferrari in the UAE, you need to find a broker who works online and cooperates with these exchanges. Information on all available intermediary brokers in the UAE, which have access to the Italian and American stock exchanges, you can easily find on the Internet. Pay attention to the image of the brokerage office, the duration of its existence and experience in the investment business, the feedback of experts on its activities. Consider the online investment platform provided by this firm, what tools the platform offers for stock market analysis. Also find out about the amount of the broker's commission for the services provided.

If a broker is selected, register on its online investment platform. To do this, simply go to the main page of the platform, enter your username, e-mail and come up with a password in the registration form. After your standard email verification process, your account is ready to use.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

Open a training demo account. This is a dummy account with which you can do test operations on the platform to understand how it works. Study the platform and all its available tools well before moving on to paying a real bill.

How to open an account?
How to open an account?

To activate a real trading account, just top it up for $ 10.

You can replenish your account almost instantly using the payment systems listed in the "deposit replenishment" tab. Choose the one that is most convenient for you and make replenishments. Most users choose to top up with a debit or credit card payment. When using payment systems, the top-up time can sometimes take up to five business days.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

You can withdraw funds from the account using the same payment systems through which the deposit was replenished. But when withdrawing funds, you will be forced to undergo additional verification on the platform for security purposes. Each platform provides a list of documents that must be scanned for such verification. State-of-the-art high-security platforms may require access to your gadget's camcorder and require photo verification.

How to start invest in Ferrari shares in UAE?

So how to start investing in Ferrari shares in the UAE?

To get started, you must choose a good broker.

To choose a good broker, pay attention to the following things:

  • whether the broker has a license from well-known regulatory bodies, which give him the right to engage in brokerage activities;
  • availability of a professional website with all the necessary information;
  • availability of feedback for consultations;
  • available trading conditions with a wide range of trading instruments;
  • availability of technical indicators for the analysis of stock price fluctuations;
  • access to free training materials;
  • speed of execution of requests;
  • low commission for services;
  • availability of various available methods for withdrawing funds.
Invest in Ferrari shares online
Invest in Ferrari shares online

After choosing a broker and registering on an online trading platform, open a demo account and gain experience with trial operations. Do not neglect the practice account, as this is a really good opportunity to try your hand at trading without risking your funds.

Pay attention to all on-platform and off-platform tutorials. Nowadays, any information you are interested in is easy to find on the Internet. Don't be lazy to study the stock market non-stop. This will help you quickly understand the laws of the investment market and develop your own trading strategy.

Learn to analyze how certain incidents, be it a man-made disaster or the adoption of a new law, affect price fluctuations in the market. 

Follow the news. The world does not know successful investors who are not versed in politics and do not know the latest economic news of the country and the planet as a whole.

Go for it and you will succeed!

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